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We are a leading seller of fine and rare wines.. Established in 2006 in Singapore, our experience and network in the industry extends back to 1994.

Passion and love for wine drives us.  We want to bring to connoisseurs rare and fine wines to your dining table, directly from source. Wines do not travel to different ports of call before coming to you.  We source wines directly from various countries, mainly France, and bring them to your doorsteps with perfect provenance.

Customers from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore enjoy our wines.

In addition, we also invest in wine futures. En Primeur is all about getting allocation of top wines during the campaign.  Our network and relationships with Negociants (wine merchants) and Chateau owners stand us in good stead. We have enjoyed fantastic allocation of the top wines for every En Primeur campaign. 

This is proven by the fact that we are now number 2 in En Primeur investments in Singapore.  It is no mean feat that we have achieved this status after only five short years.

This gives us the winning combination for our business. Operating on the pareto principle, 80% of our business comes from helping our customers optimise their enjoyment of rare and fine wines - 90% of this being Bordeaux wines.  20% of the remaining business volume is from En Primeur. 

Infinite Supply also organises numerous wine tastings and wine pairing dinners with Bordeaux wines, including some with wine makers and/or Chateau owners. These sessions have helped many into the understanding of Bordeaux wines as they learn to appreciate the character of these wines from the different appellations. Through Infinite Supply, customers enjoy access to top Classified wines and also many petit chateau wines.

Infinite Supply also organises trips to Bordeaux, on request. This will induct you into the history of the various Chateaus and better understand the wine making techniques and how mother nature will affect the quality of the wines produced. 

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