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"Wine is a food." Oliver Wendell Holmes

It just goes hand-in-hand.  One completes the other. 

Bring out the best in any of your parties with wine pairing meals. Infinite Supply’s personal touch will ensure guests enjoy the tacit flavours from every morsel of food imbibed. Like for past wine pairing events organised for banks’ top clients, school fund raisers and more, we can personally supervise your events and walk you through the wine experience, to bring out the colour in the palate for every course. For a general guide on wine-pairing, click here.

Besides organising these wine pairing events, Infinite Supply can also recommend the wines that will delight the epicurean in you for events you organise. From corporate dinners and other office functions, launch events, club activities, private and commercial and for functions like weddings and other celebrations.

We can’t say it any better.

"Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized." Andre Simon, Commonsense of Wine

So make it par for the course and complete every event with wines from Infinite Supply.

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